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Why you should buy from a Dealer rather than an OEM

When it comes to purchasing your next (or first!) Copier we think you should consider the distinct advantages of taking your business to work with a local dealer like Reliable Office Technologies. Not only will you get the advantages of having a local partner, but a dealer can help you navigate the myriad of different and options you will have when picking devices that will most suit your company’s needs. If this is your first time purchasing a printing device for your company or you are considering changing dealers, here  are few things you should consider that might make you think twice about buying your device direct from the manufacturer, and relying on service from an OEM.          

Some Facts About Office Printing That Might Suprise You...

  • It is estimated that 2-3% of the average small business’s annual revenue is consumed by document-management costs.
  • Nearly 90% of american companies do not track their printing expenses at all.
  • Document-Management expenses are, on-average, the 3rd highest company expense behind payroll and rent.
  • Managed Print Services can save the average company 20-30% on their annual document-management costs.

You won't get a cheaper Copier with an OEM, and the service won't be as Good.

This one is a no brainer and the lynchpin of our business
model here at Reliable. Most of the time people begin their purchasing process
with an internet search, which inevitably leads users to manufactures sites.
Putting aside the myth that purchasing your device directly from the
manufacturer will be “cheaper” (it won’t be), the other negative dealing
directly with the manufactures comes with servicing the device. The territory
for manufacturer technicians covers huge tracts of land and wait times for
their services of days and even week is not uncommon. Compare this with
Reliable, with response times averaging 24 hours or less, and there is
no comparison. Not only will you get the same if not a better price by working with a local
dealer, but you will be getting a true business partner supporting you– rather than just a single technician “in your area” for a global brand. 

One Brand is Unlikely to Satisfy all your Needs.

Another key differentiator between Dealerships and OEMs is the mentality with which products and solutions will be presented to you. For Manufactures, their end goal is to sell their brand and their product line; and so obviously enough they are going to show you exclusively devices developed by that OEM. But If that manufacture happens to specialize in exactly what you are looking for in a device, then you have no problems. But if you need a combination of devices for example of PostScript-enabled, fax-capable, color desktop printers as well as ledger-capable console devices, it is highly unlikely that both of those devices needs can be satisfied as cost-efficiently as possible­ with only one manufacture. Rather, working with a dealer gives you the benefit of being exposed to many different types of models from across brands.

With Copiers, Service is Everything. Get Proven Local Support, When You Need It

Most people don’t realize that the B2B relationship between a dealer and customer is a unique affiliation. You have to choose a dealer who is going to best meet your needs and satisfy your customer service expectations. For some customers absolute lowest cost will be their most important factor for choosing a dealer, for others the quality of the dealer’s technical service, or local their proximity. Here at Reliable we are a relatively small firm in the scheme of things— and our success as a company hinges on our ability to serve our clients well and the continued financial success of those clients. So we always ensure to train our clients on their devices and the best-features they can leverage to streamline their workflow and cut costs as much as possible. In tough times, we work with our clients to provide flexible payment options and short-term accommodations that would not be offered by a national manufacture to their clients. It is this focus on “quality over quantity” that contrasts us with the national servicers—dealers like Reliable are willing to go the extra mile to ensure our clients’ business operations continue to run smoothly with prompt service, supply, and expertise.  

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Here at Reliable , customer service & technical support is our #1 Priority. From receiving a work-order, our team is usually on client-site within 24-hours.

If you want to learn more about your printer options and the benefits of working with Reliable Office Technologies, call our office at (301)-695-0464  to speak with one of our team members or visit our site at . We also look forward to hearing from you on any of our social networks!

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