Comcast's "EcoBill" is all about saving money, not trees!

Leading Fortune 500 companies have been collaborating with Two Sides for the past five years, and over 105 North American corporations (over 275 globally) have now removed misleading claims related to print and paper. Chief marketing officers and chief sustainability officers from Starbucks, Wells Fargo, Citibank, U.S. Bank, Macy’s and many others are making changes.  Why isn’t Comcast joining its peers?

Our request is simple: we are asking that Comcast marketing messages not include unsubstantiated environmental claims that fall short of the Green Guides published by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.  In other words, remove claims about “saving trees”, “going green”, and stop calling online billing an “EcoBill”.  Comcast should also note that most people do not see digital as “more secure”.

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